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Ying SEK
Aug 04, 2016

Mechanical watch repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and crashed. Mechanical table unless marked with waterproof function, you must avoid case into the water, because the water will cause corrosion of mechanical, destructive power is very strong. Seawater is untouchable. Even indicate the water table, there can be only one year waterproof guarantee, because a table's waterproof ring after more than a year of losses, combined with sweat, dust and other inevitable external factor will be tired, so waterproof ring must be renewed after a year, it is no waterproof function.

Beyond waterproof, it should guard against collisions. Under the scope of the economic capacity of, might as well have Liang、sanzhi table replace in everyday life: static activities to wear mechanical watches, engaged in sports is a sports watch, so when local conditions will help extend the life of table. Mechanical watches are driven by mechanical gears and springs work, turned hard to avoid friction, so long needed fuel, lubrication to reduce parts wear rate. Otherwise, wait for the trouble to repair, often have a very serious problem. Mechanical watches best back home every year, check for any improper use or water conditions. In particular, Taiwan's hot and humid climate, sweat, accumulated rainwater and dirty air, mechanical cause chronic erosion, frequency and extent of damages than in Europe and America, Japan is high, so the "periodic inspection" is important and then every three years for a thorough cleaning and maintenance.

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