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Aug 04, 2016

Watch is a precision instrument used to indicate time, the principle of this instrument is to use a constant cycle, continuous vibration vibration system as standard. If the system completed a watch all the time needed for vibration (vibration period), and calculate the number of vibration, the vibration experienced after so many times of time equal to the period multiplied by the number of vibrations. Time = cycle x vibration frequency

Swing axle spring mechanical balance wheel Hairspring system, on the balance wheel shaft 2 1 fixed to the pendulum, journal quilt cover in the axis of rotation of the upper and lower bearings, can be rotated about the bearing. One end of the spring part 3 fixed on the axis of rotation, and the other end is fixed on the plate. Due to elastic deformation of silk making motion of the balance wheel by turning into a reciprocating motion. Swing of the balance wheel Hairspring system by bearing friction, air resistance and friction resistance of the spring watch impact, oscillating amplitude (amplitude) will gradually decay and finally stopped. In order to make it continue without attenuation of vibrations, it is necessary to add energy to the balance wheel Hairspring system on a regular basis, that is to say, a watch must have an energy device. Vibration system is periodically added to the energy through a special mechanism one by one the escapement achieved. Escapement is also used to calculate the frequency of vibration of the balance wheel Hairspring system. So the escapement and balance wheel Hairspring system is the key to mechanical devices.

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