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Watch History
Aug 04, 2016

From the middle of 19th century it was the timing belt loaded wall charts, worn on the wrist use, gradually improved, reduced size, landscaping style, developed into a watch.

In 1868, was the first watch in the world manufactured by Patek to Hungary's Koscowicz of the Countess. But this form of clocks, is not popular at the time.

In 1904, engaged in jewelry France businessman Louis Francois Cartier received complaints from pilots friends yabotuo·sangtuosi·dumeng: when flying to very difficult pocket watch out of his pocket, and wanted him to help solve the problem, so that can be seen during the flight of time. Cartier came up with a belt and buckle, pocket watches and put hands on method to solve the problem of friends. And tied the hands of the watch now watch.

1911 Cartier officially to commercialize this form of clock, introduced the famous Santos watch. Since then, watches began to spread.

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