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Aug 04, 2016

Mechanical watches

Mechanical vibration system of timekeeping instruments, such as clocks, pendulum watch, and so on. Its working principle is to use a cycle of constant, continuous vibration vibration system. Multiplied by the number of vibration vibration vibration period, equal to the elapsed time, weeks watch x time = vibration frequency of vibration. Generally energy, gear train and the escapement, and vibrating system, pointers and additional bodies of several parts. Power--clockwork or heavy hammer, provides mechanical Bell work Shi of energy, through gear Department of growth makes once Shang article can continuous run days, captured longitudinal institutions makes watches of timing frequency meet people "seconds" of money read, pendulum rudder or balance control with watches of speed, and time (reported carved) institutions is told people: just last a ring is points has.

Electronic tables

Basic part of the electronic components. Electronic clock and the working principle is based on the "electro-magnetic, magneto-electric" designed by physical phenomena. Or by electricity converted to magnetic energy, which convert magnetic energy into mechanical energy, drive the hour and minute hand running meet timing purposes.

Transistor balance sheet

Is battery-powered, use transistors as switches, balance wheel Hairspring system.

Quartz Watch

Is "Quartz" as an oscillator, electronic frequency control motors, led pointers, travel-time accuracy is very high. Electronic pin table. That is the combination of electronic quartz movement and movement of both hands walking instructions to electronic display and watch. This movement as a citizen (Citizen Miyota Co.,Ltd) T250 movement.

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