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Wear etiquette
Aug 04, 2016


According to different standards, watches can be classified into many different types. In social situations, people are generally differentiated according to the price of its kind. According to this standard, high-end watches are divided into Deluxe table table-end tables, low tables, four categories. Theory for PCs, luxury table prices in more than 10000 Yuan, high-grade table between 2000~10000 Yuan, mid-range table between 500~2000 Yuan, low table below 500 Yuan. When you select the specific types of watches, first of all to lose, don't be overwhelmed. In addition, also taking into account the individual's career, appearances, contact object and at the same time the selection of other apparel and other related factors.


Watch shapes often related to their status, grade. The watch worn on formal occasions, in the shape should be dignified, conservative, avoid bizarre fashion. Men, especially his Holiness, elders should be noted. Exotic, fancy watches, applies only to girls and children. In General, are round, oval, square, rectangular and Diamond watches, due to its serious, conservative, very wide scope, particularly suitable for formal occasions.


Select the watch worn on formal occasions, its color should strictly avoid complicated mess, select color watches, bi-color watch, you should not select three or three colors per watch. Whether monochromatic watches or bi-color watch, its color is clear, noble, elegant. Gold, silver, black tables, dials, watch case, strap with gold, silver, Black Watch, is the ideal choice. Gold watch case and bracelet, White Dial Watch, it can withstand the test of time, not in any age wear out.

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