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Value function
Aug 04, 2016

1. watches are of value.

Annual appreciation of some high-end watches are more than 20%~30%. These products are small in size, great value. A wristwatch tens of hundreds of thousands of millions, and is convenient to carry and store, and it's easier for inheritance. This characteristic attracts clock collectors and intermediaries, including nearly half of the Regal Group assets of more than 500 million Yuan to buy a limited-edition watch is designed to collect.

2. watch excellent workmanship, rich in cultural heritage, is the best "gifts".

Set the precision technology of high-end watches itself is a work of art, suitable for viewing, collections and business gifts. This watch enthusiast has a lot of appeal, that view about assets of 50 million yuan of special recognition in the field of high-end consumers. In gifts to others, they will select more tables as a business gift, because they believe that representatives of the well-known brands of watches is successful, meaning the timeless, also has a store of value, and certainly of the most vulnerable and Star Party, the best way is to show good faith, thanks.

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