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Antique tables collection editor
- Aug 04, 2016 -

An antique table, not only has a recording time of real functions, and its artistic décor and exquisite art reflects its "birth" of that era, the region's social and cultural background. Enjoy quietly, gently stroking and playing with, like stepping into the past of the ancient times.

China is the world's first country to invent time and tools, clocks in the world wrote a brilliant page in the history, collection and laid a good foundation for the antique table. In China, compared to porcelain, coins, and calligraphy and painting collection, antique collection of the table despite a late start, but is developing rapidly. Value of vintage watches by brand, age, surface, dial and digital design decisions, more than hundred years of vintage watches are hand-made, save for rare, expensive, and far more expensive contemporary antiques, crafts, great appreciation potential.

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